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terça-feira, julho 21, 2009

Traffic To Your Blog

Work harder, submit your website to directors, tell everyone about your website, word of mouth is very important and content is king. By doing all of these advices your website will surely become popular, right? Yeah, right

I have done all the boring advices you read above but they were never the reason my website became popular nor will they be the reason yours will become popular too. Having a popular website is something that requires a much deeper understanding of the internet, those who browse it and their needs. In this article i will continue writing about things that really make a popular website.

You can’t get traffic by simply having Good content or even by getting hundreds of back links. Traffic building is a complex process that requires in depth understanding of marketing, consumer behavior and online visitor’s psychology. In this article I will you exactly how to build traffic and how to create a popular website.
Are you different?

Avoiding having a mess : No one can keep browsing a financial website for hours without feeling down or even depressed even if he was reading good news. The hundreds of quotes, numbers, images and objects flying everywhere in the page makes people feel uncomfortable and forces them to leave.
Apart from having a good website design you must have a tidy design. Clean looking websites make people feel comfortable and allow them to spend more time on these websites.

The key to getting very good traffic to your website lies in these three elements, providing something different, letting people see it and then programing them to come again.

Providing something different doesn’t mean that you have to invent new topics but it means that you should provide the same content in a different way so that you impress your visitors. What’s the difference between writing an article with the title “How to lose weight” and another one with the title “50 methods for fast weight loss”? if your second article really contains fifty ways for weight loss then people will think of your page as different from the traditional ones and they will like your site.

Being different is not hard and can be achieved by many ways like providing more information, giving more in depth tips, claiming that you are an expert, attacking common beliefs or writing in an over confident style.

In short people will never remember your website unless it has something different (and useful of course). People see hundreds of website a week, do something different so that they remember you.
Letting people see your content

More than 70% out of the 400,000 hits I get monthly come form search engines. This means that you don’t have to care about back links, submitting your website to directories or spamming forums as long as your website is optimized for search engines correctly. See my article Increasing search engine ranking for more information on this topic.

So what about Google’s page rank? It’s totally useless; bring me any page having a zero page rank let me optimize it for you and I will make it appear on the top of the results on Google in few days. Page rank is only useful in selling because it gives your site more credit when seen by people who pay attention to it.

Programming them to come back

As a psychologist I can say that people get programmed by repetition. The child who was always called names like dumb or stupid usually grows up lacking self confidence and the consumer who was always bombarded by ads usually gives in and tries the product. The more pages a person reads from your website, the more he finds your website in search engines results and the more he finds himself into your website through other pages the more will he become programmed to visit you again (even if your content wasn’t really great).

To earn-online does not contain logical advices or intuitive tricks that everyone knows but instead it contains deep knowledge and effective techniques that are based on marketing, psychology and consumer behavior that can help you make money online in a short period of time without paying anything. The information is presented in a simple, practical and obvious way yet they are so powerful to help you make a living from home without needing anther job. Farouk Radwan, the one who wrote all articles on this website is an MBA holder, E-business expert, Computer Guru, human behavior expert and someone who is making thousands of dollars each month out of his recently developed websites. For more information about Farouk, check out this link.

The book How I did it was written by Farouk and it explains how he managed to make a website that generates thousands of dollars/month in less than 2 years without paying a penny.

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