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domingo, abril 06, 2008


  1. you didn't know anything about bills until you came to the US
  2. you like Guarana better than Coke * if someone tells you to be at a certain place at 1PM, you won't show up until 2:30 or 3PM
  3. your entire family goes to grandma's house on Sundays for a big family get together, even though you guys see each other everyday
  4. you can name at least 30 soap operas and 10000 actors/actresses
  5. lunch means: rice, beans and steak, pasta, chicken - and not Mc Donalds
  6. you are the loudest person in the room
  7. you got a Brazilian flag hanging from your car's rearview mirror
  8. you travel to Brazil and instead of taking a suitcase with all your stuff, you take presents for the entire family, the dog and the neighbors
  9. you live in Florida, New York, New Jersey, or Massachusetts
  10. you clean your house until it's spotless when you have people coming over
  11. you love carnival as much as you love your mother and soccer
  12. you have to say all the time that we speak Portuguese in Brazil, not Spanish
  13. you can dance
  14. you take soccer too seriously
  15. you don't know anything about baseball
  16. you think football is a martial art not a game
  17. you know what Capoeira is
  18. you know a lot about Samba and Pagode because you love carnival
  19. you've studied the history of pretty much every country, so you know where the countries are located (which means you're also very good in Geography)
  20. you eat rice and beans at least 7 days a week
  21. your breakfast consists of milk and coffee, bread with butter, and a piece of cake
  22. everyone thinks you're everything but Brazilian
  23. you go to a bar and ask for "caipirinha"
  24. you are so used to corruption that nothing surprises you anymore
  25. you know how to play dominoes and cards
  26. you have a sense of fashion
  27. you wear slippers... a lot!
  28. you know how to play volleyball and handball
  29. you take pictures everywhere you go
  30. you know what it's like to buy liquor without an ID
  31. you know how to party, and if the party is over before 5AM... it's not a party!
  32. any holiday, being it official or not, is an excuse for you to stay home instead of going to work/college and take a week vacation
  33. you know what feijoada and moqueca are
  34. your favorite drink is Caipirinha
  35. you dress up even to go to the grocery store
  36. you spend an entire day at the beach
  37. you are too friendly
  38. you kiss in public
  39. you DO NOT dance like you are having sex (you are not into dry humping)
  40. you are always smiling
  41. you think Brazil is Heaven
  42. you gain lots of pounds when you come to the US
  43. when you meet someone you kiss their cheeks instead of shaking hands
  44. you know that whenever you want a girl, you just need to say the magic words: "I'm Brazilian" (no kidding, it always works)
  45. you are always proud of your country, and you miss it A LOT!

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Anonymous Anônimo said...

love it!

sábado, agosto 21, 2010 1:56:00 PM  

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